Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy title

Sports massage can benefit a wide range of active people, not just top athletes. If you’re a keen exerciser or sportsperson, then it’ll have something to offer you.

Sports massage helps to restore, maintain or improve the functionality of muscles, joints and tendons. It loosens tight muscles and breaks down adhesions in muscle fibres that result from prolonged periods of exercise.

Emily is a skilled massage therapist, and can detect variations in your soft tissue. By using special techniques she’ll start to loosen the tissues, stretch and lengthen the muscle fibres, and break down the fibrous matting associated with sore muscles. She can also help to prevent injury from occurring, or treat an injury that’s hampering your training programme.

Overall benefits

Expert sports massage can achieve:

•                  Increased or decreased muscle tone

•                  Improved circulation and lymphatic flow

•                  Increased or decreased muscle length

•                  Improved removal of metabolic waste

•                  Sedated or stimulated nerve endings

•                  Remodelled scar tissue

•                  Focused mental preparation for big events

Benefits for the keen competitor

It can help at various stages:

•                  Conditioning/training

•                  Pre-competition

•                  Inter-competition

•                  Post-competition

•                  Recovery

•                  Injury prevention

•                  Injury recovery

If you have a demanding training schedule – are preparing for an important competition – or have a persistent muscle or joint problem – talk to Emily soon.