Would you like to improve your health, wellbeing and energy levels

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue or weight problems?

Would you like a bespoke training programme to achieve your health and fitness targets?

Would you like to improve the performance of your muscles, tendons & joints?

Emily Whitehead MSc, BSc, DipNT, DipPT:
Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer

Emily Whitehead is a fully qualified Nuritional Therapist and Personal Trainer here to help using her unique set of skills, experience. Emily combines fitness training with nutrition therapy to give a complete well rounded wellbeing service.

Emily offers a range of programmes starting with an initial consultation and follow-up sessions either in your own home or at another convenient location within 20 miles of Plymouth. Consultations can even be by phone or Skype.

Whether it’s a food plan or a demanding workout, you can be sure it’ll be designed for your exact needs – and carried out with care and concern.

To get in touch with Emily email info@emily-whitehead.com or call: 07813 960581.

“Emily’s help and support during my training and preparation for my South Pole expedition was a Cornerstone, for the successful expedition.

Emily helped me prepare my expedition meal plan and supplied vitamin sprays to help fight off any infections prior to  departure. These sprays I have continued to use and since starting them, I have not had a cold.  Emily is a helpful and professional individual who I consider a true friend and always look forward to our next run together ”



Personal Training

Everyone has different fitness levels and health goals. Emily will assess your current physical health, then create a plan to help you achieve your targets.

Free Consultation

The first step is a free, no obligation consultation to find out your current level of fitness, your health background and what you want to achieve. You’ll also learn exactly what services can be covered.

Your weight, body fat, lean body mass, waist circumference and blood pressure are measured – and a programme is written specially for you. The measurements are then repeated throughout the programme to check on progress.

Training Sessions

The training itself is carried out at your home – or in a local park or along the seafront if power walking, jogging or running is part of your programme. You can even train with a friend for extra motivation.

Emily brings a wide range of equipment to make your sessions varied, enjoyable and challenging. This can include dumbbells, skipping ropes, a Reebok deck, resistance bands, hook and jab pads to name but a few!

Complete commitment to your goals

It’s Emily’s passion that you reach your health and fitness goals in the best and most enjoyable way possible – and she’ll give you all the encouragement, support, motivation and information that you need.

Take a look at the testimonials and see how others have benefitted from her training methods. Then contact her for your free initial consultation.

Member of Register of Exercise Professionals

Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is the key factor in improving your health. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet will make you feel more energised while you’re losing or maintaining weight – without feeling deprived of food.

Contact Emily Whitehead MSc, BSc, DipNT, DipPT: Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer